Lime Earth Paints (Coloured)

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Modern lime paint for interior and exterior walls that allows buildings to breathe and salts to pass through, by combining naturally hydraulic and non hydraulic limewash bound with acrylic.

This two component system comprises a pot of basic limewash to which a bag(s) of powder pigment/activator is mixed in to make either 4L or 8L of coloured paint. Select either 4L or 8L size below in your chosen colour.

If you do not require both components – or want to create your own shade – it is possible to buy the basic limewash in 3L and 6L size pots and/or individual pigment bags.

See below for more details.

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All about Lime Earth Paints (Coloured)

Its formulation gives it increased freeze-thaw durability and abrasion resistance when used indoors, and bond strength to both porous substrates and masonry/emulsion painted surfaces.

High solids content gives good opacity reducing the number of coats required of limewash to one or two coats internally and up to three externally while maintaining its conservation quality status.

Its alkalinity naturally inhibits mould growth.

Suitable for use on lime plaster, gypsum plaster, brick, renders and stone surfaces. Also on lining paper, wood and previously painted surfaces.

Area Preparation

Before application, the painting surface must be clean and dry, with no traces of dirt or debris.

All traces of loose or defective paint should be removed with a stiff brush or scraper

Powdery surfaces should be stabilised with a suitable wall sealer

Stains which bleed through paint (such as water, nicotine etc.) should be treated with an isolating primer

For surface preparation where staining is not an issue, any multi-purpose primer can be used if required

Very smooth, non-absorbent surfaces must be sanded back, removing any sanding dust before painting

Clay / lime plaster must be moistened before applying Lime Earth Paints.Application

Once mixed together, this paint will start to set – carry out preparation before mixing. Ensure surface is free of all flaking paint, dust and loose paper. Prepare any uneven surfaces with lime plaster or mortar. Dampen any porous surfaces with water. For damp walls, prime with pure limewash (sold separately) and allow a few days before applying Lime Earth Paints. Allow a minimum of two weeks for newly lime-plastered walls to dry and one week for gypsum plastered walls, before applying Lime Earth Paint. Mix any settled lime putty back into a smooth limewash in the tub before carefully adding contents of colour bag, a little at a time, mixing the two together.

Apply by brushing onto the wall in different directions. Avoid cutting in around edges and always paint an entire wall in one go to avoid join marks.

Coverage varies from 4 – 8 sqm per litre, depending on texture and absorbency of substrate. Lime Earth Paint normally covers with just one coat.

Lime Earth Paints 4L: 16 – 24 sq.m

Lime Earth Paints 8L: 32 – 48 sq.m

Basic limewash 3L: 9 – 18 sq.m

Basic limewash 6L: 18 – 36 sq.m

Substance CAS Reg No. Hydrated Lime Ca(OH)2 Natural Hydraulic Lime CaO Water 7732-18-5 Acrylic Modifier consisting: Acrylic polymer Trade secret 94-96% Vinyl polymer Trade secret 2-3% Residual Monomers(butyl acrylate)Not required <0.1% Nonionic surfactant Undisclosed 1-2% Iron oxide (Burnt Umber)Fe2O3 Not required 71.07% Manganese Dioxide 1313/13/9 10-25% Alumina 1344/28/1 10-25% Silica 7631/85/9 2.5 – 10% Yellow Ochre Fe2O3, Fe3O4 Not required

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