Earthborn Wallpaper Paste

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A high quality wallpaper paste that is safer, healthier and more pleasant to use.

Earthborn water soluble Wallpaper Paste is both acrylic and solvent free. It is made from non toxic, non allergenic methyl cellulose and is also free from fungicides, preservatives and synthetic resins.

Its excellent adhesive properties are not disadvantaged by its purity. Earthborn Wallpaper Paste makes a great job of any wallpaper, including heavily textured and fabric wall coverings.

Sizes: 100g & 500g

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All about Earthborn Wallpaper Paste

Excellent adhesive qualities

Easy to mix

Easy to apply

Pleasant to use

Safer and healthier

Great for all weights of wallpaper

Works with fabric wall coverings

Acrylic free

Solvent free

Fungicide free

Preservative free

Synthetic resin free

100g mixed in 5 litres of warm water covers 28m² for medium weight wallpaper.

Pure methyl celluloses of various fibre lengths

Guaranteed free from fungicides, preservatives and synthetic resins.

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