Auro 402 - Hardwood Lye

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All about Auro 402 - Hardwood Lye

For light-coloured, Scandinavian style wooden floors: lye pigmented slightly white designed for new, sanded, solid decidious wood inside.

Provides an open-pored, entirely moisture vapour permeable finish with a very light-coloured and natural look.

Apply with a brush, wide paint brush or foam roller.

Following the application, treat with AURO Wood soap No. 403 or AURO Wood soap, white No. 404.

Here at Greenshop Paints, we’re ecstatic about our abundant selection of Auro paint and our rich variety of natural paint.

Recommended for use on little frequented rooms, e.g. bedrooms or guestrooms as the product is only a little dirt-repellent.

Supplied ready to use in 2L container.

The product is not suited for use on softwood.

It is slightly alkaline, therefore it is recommended to wear gloves and goggles durng the application.

2L covers 20 sq.m.

water, citric acid, alcohol, titanium dioxide, xanthane, orange oil, rosemary oil.

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