Auro 404 - Wood Soap (White)

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For light-coloured, Scandinavian style wooden floors: lye pigmented slightly white designed for new, sanded, solid coniferous wood inside.

  • Maintains the light wood colouring
  • Slightly pigmented
  • Ready to use

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All about Auro 404 - Wood Soap (White)

For light-coloured, Scandinavian style wooden floors: wood soap for cleaning solid wood floors inside treated with lye (AURO Softwood lye No. 401 or AURO Hardwood lye No. 402). Use higher concentration for initial cleaning, use lower concentration for regular cleaning and maintenance of floors. If you desire less white floors, use AURO Wood soap No. 403.

Greenshop Paints’ extensive range of Auro paints and our pride in our broad selection of natural paint is what sets us apart.


Shake well and, depending on the actual application, dilute with water. Apply liberally and evenly 2 or 3 times with a wide paint brush, roller or floor cloth. Remove excess soap after 15 minutes with a floor cloth.


For soap treatment or after treatment with wood lye, the soap is diluted in a ratio of 1:10 with water.

For regular cleaning and maintenance, a ratio of 1:40 is sufficient.

Diluted, 2 litres cover approx 100 sq.m

water, titanium dioxide, **as potassium soap, sunflower oil**, alcohol, palm kernel fat**, coconut fat**, soya oil**, citric acid, castor oil**, potash, rapeseed-oil**

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