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What Is the Most Eco-Friendly Paint?

Nov 28, 2022Richard Weager

Eco paint has become increasingly popular in recent years. It comes in many varieties, from environmentally friendly wall paint to eco-friendly wood paint.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a green paint, from its ingredients to how it’s manufactured. The best eco-friendly paints, such as Auro natural paints, are sustainably produced from plant-based materials and free from harmful chemicals.

In this guide, we’ll explore exactly what makes an environmentally friendly paint. We’ll also share some of the top natural and ecological paint brands available in the UK.

What Is Eco-Friendly Paint?

The term ‘eco-friendly’ describes any product created with minimal impact on the earth – including the environment, humans and animals.

Environmentally friendly paint is designed to be kinder to the planet, safer to use and better for our health. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or find a non-toxic paint for your child’s bedroom, it’s the clear choice.

Here are some of the key qualities to look out for in an eco-friendly interior paint or outdoor paint.

Natural Ingredients

Many popular paint brands use synthetic ingredients in their products. This may include plastic-based polymers, preservatives and solvents that can leach harmful chemicals into the environment.

However, eco-friendly paint (such as Auro) is natural in origin and biodegradable. It’s made from raw minerals and plant-based ingredients, and is free from plastics and petrochemicals. This means it can be safely used and disposed of without damaging the planet.

Low in VOCs

The best eco-friendly paints are low in or virtually free from VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs are airborne chemicals released by many products that have an odour, from paint to air freshener. Some examples include ammonia, formaldehyde and benzene.

As well as being harmful to the environment, VOCs can trigger numerous health problems including asthma, headaches and paint allergies. Low-VOC paints do not emit strong fumes, making them safer for everyone including children and pets.

Sustainable Production

Eco-friendly paint companies aim to make their production methods as sustainable as possible. This may involve:

  • Using renewable and recyclable materials throughout the manufacturing process
  • Minimising packaging and waste
  • Investing in energy-saving methods of harvesting materials, processing and shipping products
  • Powering factories and machinery with renewable energy, such as solar power

Many green paint brands even offset their carbon emissions (e.g. by planting trees).

What Are the Most Eco-Friendly Paint Brands (UK)?

At Greenshop Paints, we specialise in eco-friendly wall paint brands that are kinder to humans and the planet. We also carry eco-friendly exterior paint, decorating tools, varnishes and more.

Some of the most ecological paints available in the UK include Earthborn, Greenpaints and Auro paint. All three brands prioritise natural ingredients, sustainable production, superior quality and performance.

Auro natural paints are strong contenders for the best eco-friendly paint UK-wide. Their range features a huge variety of colours and finishes, including eco-friendly emulsion paint, gloss, primers and waxes.

What Makes Auro the Best Eco-Friendly Paint?

Auro has been officially recognised as one of the UK’s top ethical and eco-friendly paint manufacturers. They are a certified carbon-neutral company and have even been awarded the Ethical Consumer Magazine ‘Best Buy’ label.

Every Auro paint product, including their popular Colours for Life range, is:

  • Sustainably produced with solar energy and renewable raw materials
  • 100% compostable, made entirely from natural mineral- and plant-based ingredients
  • Free from petrochemicals, plastics and emissions (virtually VOC-free)
  • Delivered to suppliers using a CO2-neutral parcel service

All Auro natural paints have passed strict air quality tests, making them ideal for allergy, asthma and migraine sufferers. Most of the range is also vegan-friendly and free from animal products.

Which Auro Paint Product is Right for Me?

Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly outdoor paint or a natural emulsion, you’ll find the perfect product among Auro’s extensive range.

Auro 555 Premium Emulsion is ideal for interior walls and ceilings. This eco-friendly matt paint is durable, wipeable and available in 96 beautiful shades.

For wooden or metal surfaces, we recommend Auro 516 Gloss Paint. Offering excellent coverage and wet abrasion resistance, this quick-drying paint can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you’re looking for a mid-sheen finish, Auro 517 Satin Paint is a great alternative.

Looking for Eco-Friendly Paint (UK)? Visit Greenshop Paints Today

If you’re in the market for natural, eco-friendly paints (UK), visit Greenshop Paints today. With a focus on sustainability, we are proud to stock one of the widest selections of ecological paints and finishes in the country.

As the chosen main UK stockist for Auro paints, we carry many of their most popular products, including paints, primers, waxes and oils. We also work with several other industry-leading eco brands including Treatex, Osmo and Earthborn.

To learn more about Auro, you can view some of their most frequently asked questions here. For any other queries, get in touch today and the Greenshop Paints team will be happy to help.

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