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Can You Get Non-Toxic Paint for Walls?

Dec 05, 2022Richard Weager

Did you know that it is possible to paint your home without dealing with unpleasant fumes, dizziness and headaches? Natural, non-toxic paint for walls provides a safer alternative to traditional synthetic and solvent-based options. It’s better for you, your home and the planet.

There are many companies specialising in non-toxic wall paint, including eco-friendly brand Auro Paints. Auro’s entire range is allergy-tested, safe for children and pets and free from harmful chemicals.

In this guide, we will explain how paint can pose a health hazard and the benefits of choosing a natural wall paint. We’ll also discuss our pick of the best non-toxic wall paint (UK) and where you can purchase it.

Is Wall Paint Toxic?

If you’ve ever dabbled in interior decorating, you’ll know that painting a wall is not always a pleasant experience. A pungent “paint smell” can linger in a freshly-painted room for several days.

But as well as creating a bad odour, paint fumes can also be toxic to inhale. Some conventional wall paints are high in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Certain VOCs (such as benzene and formaldehyde) are harmful odorous chemicals that are often used as solvents, binders or preservatives.

Inhaling fumes from toxic wall paint high in VOCs can cause eye irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness. It can also trigger respiratory symptoms – young children, pets and people with asthma and allergies may be particularly sensitive. Long-term exposure to certain VOCs has even been linked with neurological conditions and cancer.

Wall paint can also be toxic to the environment. VOCs emitted by fresh paint can disperse into the atmosphere, contributing to air and water pollution.

Does Toxic-Free Wall Paint Exist?

Fortunately, safe wall paint does exist. Many ethical companies, such as Auro Paint (UK), specialise in natural, non-toxic paints and finishes.

Non-toxic or “toxic-free” paint is water-based and/or solvent-free, and made primarily from natural wall paint ingredients, such as:

  • Naturally occurring raw materials of plant origin, e.g. linseed oil
  • Mineral raw materials such as chalk, earth and mineral pigments
  • Cellulose (from plant cell walls), which may be used as a thickener
  • Surfactants made from rapeseed and castor oils
  • Organic anti-fungal compounds made from sodium (an alternative to chemical preservatives)

The best non-toxic wall paint is completely free from chemical solvents, petrochemicals and plastics. This means it is virtually VOC-free, and doesn’t give off a nasty “paint smell”.

What Are the Benefits of Non-Toxic Wall Paint?

It’s important to note that, in the context of wall paint, “non-toxic” does not mean “safe to eat” – all paint should be kept out of the reach of children. However, virtually VOC-free paint does not emit dangerous fumes and emissions, meaning it won’t cause health problems if used correctly.

There are many great benefits to using low-VOC paint. It is:

  • More pleasant to work with, with a much milder aroma than conventional paint
  • Safer to use around babies, children, cats and dogs
  • Less likely to cause skin irritation if accidentally touched
  • Less likely to trigger respiratory symptoms in people with asthma and paint allergies
  • Eco-friendly (many natural paints are fully biodegradable)

What’s more, choosing non-toxic wall paint does not mean you’ll have to sacrifice performance or quality. Natural paints are easy to use, produce beautiful results and come in a huge range of colours and finishes.

What, In Our Opinion, Is the Best Non-Toxic Paint for Walls?

If you’re looking for non-toxic, baby-safe wall paint, we recommend Auro natural paint. Auro’s impressive range includes a variety of natural, eco-friendly paints and finishes, from emulsion to gloss.

Every Auro wall paint, including the best-selling Auro 555 Premium Emulsion, is made from 100% plant derived and mineral raw materials. Free from plastics, petrochemicals and emissions, all Auro UK natural paints are certified low-VOC, skin-safe, child-safe and pet-safe. They are also suitable for allergy sufferers, and offer a wide selection of vegan-friendly paints.

Auro have also been awarded the Ethical Consumer Magazine ‘Best Buy’ label. They are a carbon-neutral company and are committed to sustainability.

Where Can I Buy Non-Toxic, Low-VOC Paint (UK)?

If you’re looking for virtually VOC-free wall paint, visit the Greenshop Paints online store. We stock one of the largest selections of natural, non-toxic paints and finishes in the country.

We are proud to be the chosen main Auro paint stockists (UK), and sell many of their best-selling wall paints (both exterior and interior) and finishes. We also carry several other industry-leading eco brands including Treatex, Osmo and Earthborn.

To learn more about Auro paints, check out their topical sheets or view our guide to Auro’s raw materials. For any queries about our products or their application, contact the Greenshop Paints team today.

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