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What Are the Most Popular Emulsion Paint Colours?

Jan 11, 2023Richard Weager

Deciding on a new emulsion colour for your interior walls is an important decision. It can have a huge effect on the atmosphere in a space, whether you’re redesigning the kitchen or picking out a new bedroom colour.

Emulsion paint comes in an incredible variety of shades. Some people adore the neutral look, decorating their homes exclusively in white, grey and beige. Others like to create themed rooms, each painted in a statement hue carefully chosen to complement the furniture.

If you’re overwhelmed with possibilities, this guide is a good place to start. Read on to discover six popular emulsion colour trends and learn how they can work in a space.

Refreshing Green

Green is one of the most popular colours of emulsion paint, and it’s easy to understand why. Associated with nature and new growth, it’s difficult to feel anxious or angry surrounded by this calming shade.

A soft, muted green with grey undertones, such as Sunday Stroll by Earthborn, will conjure up feelings of peace, tranquillity and balance. It’s ideal in spaces such as personal studies, combined with other earthy and neutral tones to create focus. (Don’t forget the houseplants!)

Brighter, yellow-toned greens, on the other hand, can bring life and energy into a space. They work well in dining rooms, kitchens and living areas – anywhere people congregate.

Neutral Gray

Having soared in popularity over the past decade, practically every emulsion paint brand boasts several well-loved greys. The neutrality of grey wall paint means it can be used to create a variety of looks, from rustic and industrial to cosy and contemporary. It has the handy ability to coordinate well with almost any other colour, making it a great choice if you have a mixture of furniture and décor.

Some of our favourite grey emulsion colours include:

  • Bluish Grey by Auro – a deep, cool-toned slate
  • Mystic Grey by Auro – a pale and elegant dove grey
  • Kissing Gate by Earthborn – an invitingly soft and warm mid-grey

Light, pastel greys are especially popular in bedrooms and living rooms because of their calming effect. They’re perfect for creating a peaceful haven at the end of a long day. Darker, cool-toned greys can make a dramatic impact when paired with lighter flooring and wooden furniture.

Contemporary Teal

Running the gamut from pale turquoise to deep cyan, teal-coloured emulsion paint is a beautiful mixture of blue and green. Being cool-toned, it has a calming and relaxing effect, conjuring up images of tropical holidays. It also emits fresh, elegant and contemporary vibes.

There are no limits to the rooms teal works well in. A light, minty teal such as Auro’s Caribbean Sea can bring a breezy, uplifting feel to your bathroom or kitchen. Darker teal shades, such as Hobgoblin (Earthborn Lifestyle Emulsion), are perfect for adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your living room or home office.

For an eye-catching wall painting idea, try pairing vibrant teal matt emulsion paint colours with contrasting shades such as coral.

Dusky Pink

If you want to paint a wall pink, you’re no longer limited to your daughter’s bedroom. Dusky pink – a soft, muted shade with a hint of grey – has boomed in popularity and can be found on every emulsion paint colour chart.

Also known as dusty rose, this versatile hue is not too sweet nor too strong. It adds subtle warmth and playfulness without overwhelming the senses, making it a great choice for bedrooms and common spaces.

Paired with pure white, warm neutrals and gold elements, a mauve-toned dusky pink emulsion (such as Auro’s Velvet Touch) oozes femininity and intimacy. However, paler shades have a delightfully unisex appeal, especially alongside darker colours such as forest, slate and navy.


When choosing your wall paint colours, don’t make the mistake of ignoring pale, neutral shades. Off-white emulsion colours have been a staple in interior decorating for decades, and show no signs of disappearing.

Whether it’s light ivory or creamy beige, off-white works well on its own or used as an accent. It’s perfect for creating a light, airy backdrop without being too stark and cold – a problem that can arise with pure white paint.

Emulsion colours in this family include:

  • Silk Aspiration by Auro – a gorgeous, warm-toned light stone
  • Tom’s Bakery by Earthborn – a perfect pale neutral with hints of grey and brown
  • Up Up Away by Earthborn – a relaxed, cool-toned off-white that works in every space

Off-white walls exude a clean, timeless feel in every room and go with almost all other shades. Tip: if you’re painting a high-traffic area, silk emulsion paint colours tend to hold up better against stains.

Sunshine Yellow

Yellow is often associated with creating a cheerful, positive and cosy atmosphere. This makes it an excellent colour emulsion paint in spaces where you want to encourage creativity and conversation.

Light, buttery yellow wall paint such as Golden Honey (available in Auro 555 Premium Emulsion) is a perfect choice for children’s bedrooms, playrooms and kitchens. Deep, muted tones such as mustard can add a pop of sophistication and energy to a living room or dining room.

Yellow feature walls also work fantastically as a focal point. Don’t be afraid to add contrast with bold, complementary shades such as royal purple, teal and leaf green.

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