Osmo Wood Protector (4006)

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Osmo Unique preservative wood primer especially developed for wood’s prone to moisture and susceptible to blue stain in wet rooms such as bathrooms. Suitable for any wood in the interior including kitchen work surfaces, flooring, window frames and joinery. Also suitable for the exterior where an absolutely economical, non-biocidal impregnation is required, e.g. children’s toys, raised garden beds for plants and animal housing.

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All about Osmo Wood Protector (4006)

Especially for wood in moist environments.

Extremely water resistant

Food safe

Suitable for the interior and exterior

Animal and plant friendly once dry

Saliva-resistant and sweatproof, suitable for children’s toys

Microporous, breathable primer which does not crack, peel or flake

Supports a healthy living environment

No future applications necessary

No. of coats: 1 coat

Application temperature: +5°C to 35°C

Drying time: 24hrs.


Ideal base coat for Osmo Polyx®-Oils for use in bathrooms, kitchens and even swimming pool environments and saunas!

Wood Protector is a primer only and requires a finishing product such as Osmo TopOil for worktops or Osmo Polyx®-Oil for flooring, furniture and joinery in bathrooms or kitchens.

First application of Wood Protector must be applied onto untreated or evenly sanded surfaces.

Wood Protector is clear and therefore will darken the natural character of the wood, please test a small area prior to application.

If possible, although not essential; apply to all sides of the wood to give the strongest protection. Wipe excess from edges with a dry cloth before leaving to dry.

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