Licktools Eco Bamboo Handle Flat Brushes

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  • Planet-friendly flat paint brushes designed for pros. A SRT, tipped and flagged bristle mix designed for maximum paint hold and smooth layoff. Plus, a handle designed for balance, flexibility and accuracy.
  • The bamboo comes from a managed forest, the ferrules are made from recycled steel, the supply chain is verified, and the brush itself is certified carbon neutral.

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All about Licktools Eco Bamboo Handle Flat Brushes

Created with decorating professionals, LickTools meet the highest environmental standards and have been built to last. So every brush, roller, tray and everything in between is as good for your decorating project as they are for the planet.

Made with professional decorators in mind, these tools help create a flawless finish every time. Say goodbye to pesky brush streaks or rollers that need to be re-loaded every 10 seconds.

- Zero bristle-loss
- Made from bamboo & recycled materials
- Made using recycled steel and metal ferrules
- Developed with professionals

With Lick brushes, the bristles are tapered to give the neatest stroke of paint and brilliant accuracy every time, and are built to last from one project to the next. The solid bamboo handle comes from a sustainably managed forest, and gives ultimate control too.

1" Flat Brush: As the smallest brush in the range it's perfect for the smallest of spaces and needs, from woodwork to touch-ups.

1.5" Flat Brush: Perfect for those smaller spaces and needs, from woodwork to touch-ups.

2" Flat paint brush: This flat brush is useful for pretty much any painting scenario. The bristle mix is designed for maximum paint hold and a smooth layoff.

3" Flat paint brush: This is a solid brush choice for large chunks of painting, including over rougher or textured surfaces. Even with its size, you'll still have ultimate control thanks to the solid bamboo handle and high quality bristle-mix. The paint pick-up and layoff won't let you down.


Best-in-class brushes tipped and flagged with a bristle mix designed for maximum paint pick-up and smooth layoff.

Made with bamboo: The bamboo in all of the tools is ethically sourced from a sustainably managed forest.

Recycled steel: Lick tools are made with 60% recycled steel ferrules that are designed to last.

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