Earthborn Wallglaze

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Provides a washable, breathable protective glaze when applied on top of Earthborn Claypaint. Combine it with pigment to create special paint effects such as sponging and colour washes.

It can also be used before painting to stabilise powdery interior surfaces.

  • Washable
  • Breathable (when diluted, see data sheet)
  • Protective glaze
  • Virtually VOC free
  • Can be used for decorative effects
  • Toy Safety Standard

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All about Earthborn Wallglaze

Earthborn Wall Glaze is a water based, clear glaze for interior use. Being VOC and acrylic free, it is specially formulated for its environmental benefits. This resourceful product can be used for a whole host of projects.

- Use before painting to stabilise sandy, powdery interior surface.

- Apply on top of Earthborn Claypaint to produce a washable, protective glaze*. Or combine it with pigment to create special paint effects such as sponging and colour washes, as well as an interior wood stain. You decide.
*If used over a painted finish as a glaze, the low sheen level of Wall Glaze may change the appearance of the paint. We recommend testing first to ensure that you are happy overall look.

When using as a glaze, it is best applied with a spray bottle, working from the bottom upwards. This will help prevent drips.

For decorative effects, use a sponge.

Stabiliser: Can be used to stabilise previous
powdery coatings e.g. lime wash, distemper
(recommend ratio 1-part Wall Glaze to 2-part
Glaze: Seal and protect painted surfaces with a mix
of water and Earthborn Wall Glaze (recommended
ratio 1-part Wall Glaze to 3 parts water).
Broken colour work: Make a solution of Earthborn
Pigment by adding approximately 100ml of water to
the desired quantity of Pigment and leave to soak
for up to 30 minutes.
Mix the resultant solution with more water if
necessary and then add Earthborn Wall Glaze
(recommended ratio 1-part Wall Glaze to 4 parts
solution). Apply to surface using sponge, brush or
other desired technique.
Colour wash: Mix Earthborn Wall Glaze and
Pigment using the proportions and method
described for Broken Colour Work. Spread the
resultant colour wash onto a dry base coat of
emulsion with a brush or a natural sponge and
blend, if desired, using a dry paintbrush. Work
diagonally starting in a top corner. For best results
apply more than one colour wash, varying the
colour as desired.

Approx coverage: 50 square metres per litre.
(This approximate coverage is when diluted and used as a glaze).

Water, Cellulose, Vinegar ester, Clay, 0.1% preservative.

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