Earthborn Casein Filler

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Breathable filler, providing effective, long lasting repairs on interior or exterior walls prior to painting.

  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to sand
  • Flexible
  • Long lasting
  • Breathable
  • Healthier to use
  • Titanium dioxide free
  • Ideal with all Earthborn wall and ceiling paints

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All about Earthborn Casein Filler

Should you need to do some repair work before getting down to painting, Earthborn Casein Filler is the perfect complement to Earthborn environmentally friendly wall and ceiling paints.

Casein Filler is based on the natural milk protein casein and white lime which uses less energy to make because being titanium dioxide free. This means it has a smaller carbon footprint than most other fillers.

Suitable for interior or exterior use. Supplied in powder form for mixing as required, you can even create coloured filler by mixing it with your choice of Earthborn Pigment.

Note: As the Casein Filler contains lime, it needs to be allowed to cure before painting. This is normally 4 weeks.

Sizes 2kg, 500g

Drying Time 4 – 8 hours. Sand after 8 hours.

Approx coverage 1.5 kg per m² per mm of thickness of coating.

Powdered marble, White lime hydrate, White cement, Cellulose, Clay, Casein

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