Cornish Milk's Plant-Based Bio-Strip 500ml

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This revolutionary 'plant-based' paint, varnish, and wax stripper from Cornish Milk was the first of its kind in the UK. Crafted from a 100% plant-based recipe, Bio-strip has industrial power to strip water and oil-based coatings off furniture, woods, stone, brick, concrete, plastered surfaces, plastic and more.
With zero VOCs and harmful chemicals, the product is safe for asthmatics, heart conditions, and pregnant women.
This thick formula also works great on vertical surfaces. Each 500ml bottle can strip 3 meters squared off paint, varnish, and wax.
Our new I'm Green packaging, made of 100% Brazilian Sugarcane, replaces oil-based plastics for healthier benefits. Simply brush Bio-strip thickly onto the surface and leave for 30 minutes. For tougher surfaces, use eco-clingfilm to add extra heat.

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All about Cornish Milk's Plant-Based Bio-Strip 500ml

How to Use:

Cover area with a thick layer of Cornish Milk Bio-Strip using a brush or plastic applicator.

Cover the gel with polythene or cling film to prevent it from drying out.

Leave for 20-30 minutes until paint blisters and lifts. (The time varies depending on paint type and thickness.)

Scrape off the softened paint with a plastic or wooden scraper.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth and repeat the process if necessary until all layers are removed.

Allow the surface to dry completely before repainting or refinishing.

Cornish Milk’s Bio-Strip simplifies paint removal for DIYers, crafters, and professionals. Its natural formulation is effective yet gentle enough for antiques, vehicles, architectural details, miniatures, and other delicate surfaces.

Order from Greenshop Paints today and enjoy a safe way with Bio-Strip!

Each 500ml bottle can strip 3 meters squared off paint, varnish, and wax.

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