Cornish Milk Mineral Paint (Coloured)

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Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a water-based decorative paint with an ultra matte finish. It is a 100% bio-acrylic paint, containing calcium carbonate and other binders to give it exceptional adhesion properties. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is specifically designed to perform well with a variety of different techniques and surfaces. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is an interior and exterior paint, with a built in top-coat, weather shield and UV protector.

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All about Cornish Milk Mineral Paint (Coloured)

PREPARATION for using Cornish Milk’s Mineral Paint: Surfaces must be sound, clean, and free from wax, grease, oil, dust, and loose particles. On existing painted surfaces, remove all loose and flaking paint and thoroughly rub down with abrasive paper. Prime any bare surfaces with an appropriate primer like Cornish Milk’s Eco Primer. New plaster and cement should be allowed to dry thoroughly before application. Previously unpainted porous surfaces should be treated with a first coat thinned up to 20% with clean water. Previously unpainted woodwork should be primed with a thinned coat as above. Any ferrous metal surfaces should be primed with an all-metal primer. Any areas subject to staining should be treated with a stain block. SAFETY Avoid getting the product in the eyes, and if contact is made with the eyes, clean the affected area with warm water. Seek medical attention if required or if irritation occurs. Take the packing with you to show the medical professional.

APPLICATION ● Stir thoroughly and check colour before use. ● Apply by brush, roller or spray, applying after priming coat (if necessary) with two/three coats. ● If using multiple batches – ensure they are intermixed before use. ● Ensure air and surface temperatures are above 8 degrees centigrade. CLEAN Warm soapy water, non-toxic and non-chemical free paint, which is water based. DRY TIME At 18-degrees centigrade and 65% humidity: ● Touch dry in 1 hour. ● Recoat after 1 hour. VOC < 9.0g/L CARE New paintwork should not be exposed to steam or condensation for 48 hours. Protect the coating against abrasive contact for 7 days. After 7 days the finish can be cleaned with a mild detergent solution and a soft cloth. – DISPOSAL Waste packaging should be recycled. Empty containers can be recycled. Leftover product should be disposed of in compliance with the requirements of environmental protection and waste disposal legislation and any regional local authority requirements. Avoid dispersal of spilt material, runoff and contact with soil, waterways, drains or sewers.

Cornish Milk’s Mineral Paint will cover 11-13sq metre per 500ml depending on the porosity of the substrate surface texture and application method.

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