Cornish Milk's Extreme Lacquer & Stain Block

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Cornish Milk's Extreme Lacquer & Stain Blocker is our revolutionary eco, water-based interior and exterior lacquer for sealing painted surfaces for added extra 'tough' protection. Our lacquer is perfect for painted projects, which will be higher traffic areas such as chairs & table tops.
Extreme Lacquer has been designed to be used in areas of high moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms and on all your exterior projects. Eco-Extreme is also a powerful stain and odour blocker, blocking all chemical and natural based stains, prior to painting and will also stop any stains coming through after painting. Our unique formula is easy to apply, using a brush or roller. Simply apply to the stained surface prior to painting, dry for one hour and then paint over using Cornish Milk Mineral Paint/ OR add the lacquer to the paint itself for your final coat for extra protection. Once dried you will be left with a fully-washable and extra tough sealed surface.

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All about Cornish Milk's Extreme Lacquer & Stain Block

Areas of Use:

Cornish Milk’s Extreme Lacquer is perfect for high-moisture areas prone to stains like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. It’s also ideal for exterior surfaces like doors, window sills, and garage doors. Some popular uses include:

Table tops




Outdoor furniture

Children’s furnishings

and more

The durable sealed finish stands up to wear and tear, resisting scuffs, stains, and scratches. Extreme Lacquer transforms painted surfaces into a washable, kid and pet-friendly finish.

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