Breathaplasta - Smooth

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Breathaplasta Smooth: A high-quality fine finishing plaster for internal use to achieve an attractive smooth or fine polished surface finish. Quick and easy to use. A fast setting time allows for fast and efficient completion in as little as 3 hrs from start to finish. Well suited as the top coat finishing plaster for most internal walls and ceilings. Typically applied as the skim finish to a lime plaster system. Can be used to skim over old lime plaster walls and ceilings.

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All about Breathaplasta - Smooth

Breathaplasta can be applied directly to brick, block and stone and is compatible with all masonry applications. Breathaplasta is a quick and easy lime plaster. It’s simple to use and sets within an hour.

Important notes for use on brick, block and stone: Ensure the masonry is consolidated. Dub out the masonry if needed – fill holes and level off. Mist the surface of the masonry 10-15 mins prior to plaster application to control suction. Allow 1 hour to dry per 2mm of plaster thickness.

Approx. 5 square metres at 4mm thickness

Main constituents: Hydrated lime – Calcium dihydroxide, Lime (chemical) hydraulic, Crystalline silica (SiO2): Quartz

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