Auro 801 - Garden Wood Cleaner 500ml

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The ideal product for cleaning wooden decking and garden furniture. The wooden surfaces are exposed to wind and weather and therefore require special cleaning and care.
  • Removes algae, moss and dirt
  • Highly effective
  • Easy to use


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All about Auro 801 - Garden Wood Cleaner 500ml

Removes algae, moss and soiling from wooden decking, stone and concrete terraces reducing the slip hazard considerably.
Wooden terraces will look like new after treatment with AURO Terrace oil No. 110 (available colours: Teak, Bangkirai and Larch.

As purveyors of Auro paint at Greenshop Paints, our pride is in our comprehensive inventory of natural paint.

Use broom or brush to free floor from coarse soiling. For medium soilings, dissolve 50 ml of cleaner in 10 l of warm water. Mop floor clean and mop again with clear water.

Even ecological detergents should be used sparingly and kept out of reach of children.


water, alcohol, sugar surfactant, potash, sunflower oil*, palm kernel fat*, citric acid, coconut fat*, pine terpene alcohol, soya oil*, xanthan gum, castor oil*, rapeseed oil*, lavender oil, rosemary oil.

* as potassium soap

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