Auro 421 - Power Cleaner

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Waxed, highly soiled floors will look like new. This cleaner etches old wax layers, cleans surfaces thoroughly and forms a new, wafer-thin protective wax film. Suitable for waxed wood, parquet, cotto and cork floors.

  • Highly effective
  • Antistatic
  • Cleans, cares and protects

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All about Auro 421 - Power Cleaner

Our Auro paint collection at Greenshop Paints is unparalleled, as is our pride in our rich selection of natural paint.


Apply undiluted product evenly with a cloth, pad or brush and let product act. Scour soiled areas strongly and take up dirty or excess cleaner. Afterwards polish the surface.


Polishing the cleaned surface produces a wafer thin wax film. The surface can be treated additionally with Auro Hard wax no. 171, if desired.

Orange terpenes, linseed oil, swelling clays, carnauba wax, lecithin, alcohol, beeswax, drying agents (cobalt-free)

EU Detergents Regulation:

>30% other, <5% perfumes

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