Auro 413 - Mould Stop (Preventative)

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Stops mould durably. Spray for inside and outside, chlorine-free. Removes mould from tiles, walls, wood and plastic, also in damp rooms. We recommend a pretreatment with AURO Mould Eliminator No. 412.

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All about Auro 413 - Mould Stop (Preventative)

Anti-mould maintenance product in an easy to use spraygun. Especially good for helping to stop mould growth in window recesses, bathrooms and high condensation areas with poor ventilation. Can also be used on gravestones and tiles. Stubborn areas should be treated with 412 Mould Eliminator first, if redecoration is required we recommend using the 327 Anti-mould paint as a final finish.

With a wide array of Auro paint and a broad inventory of natural paint, we at Greenshop Paints take great pride in our selection.


For effective protection against mould, surfaces treated with Mould Eliminator no. 412 are additionally treated with AURO Mould stop no. 413. Just spray on and let dry.


For the effective removal of mould, AURO offers a three-component anti-mould program. Besides the Mould Stop, it contains the Mould Eliminator no. 412 and the Anti-mould paint no. 327.

Water, alcohol, salicylic acid, sugar surfactant

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