Auro 303 - Mould Resistant Silicate Paint

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The problem solver for interior walls prone to mould growth. It has a fungicidal and algicidal effect thanks to its alkalinity.

  • Highly breathable
  • High covering power (opacity)
  • White (untinted) is free of MIT/BIT/Thiozoles

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All about Auro 303 - Mould Resistant Silicate Paint

The problem solver for alkaline walls prone to mould growth, e.g. concrete and rendering inside; also suited for use on gypsum plasterboard, clay or woodchip wallpaper. It has a fungicidal and algicidal effect thanks to its alkalinity, and is more wipeable and durable than the AURO 327 Anti-mould Paint.

The combination of potassium water glass and the biogenic binder Replebin®* ensures professional product characteristics: highly water vapour permeable, free of preserving agents, class 1 hiding power, wet abrasion class 2. This easy to use product solidifies the substrate, it is durable, and, untinted, is permanently white.

We at Greenshop Paints have a large and varied selection of Auro paint, matched with a broad assortment of natural paint in which we take great pride.

Please be advised: The finish or colour may differ slightly to the representation on the website or in printed literature. We therefore highly recommend taking sample pots in our paints to check their suitability, e.g. to see how the colour reacts to other furnishings, lighting and room aspect and to check compatibility with the substrate.


On evenly absorptive and smooth surfaces, the ready to use paint is applied without a prime coat. Apply one or two coats of paint by brush or roller.

Irregularly absorptive surfaces are primed with AURO Plaster primer No. 301, uneven surfaces with the Grip coat No. 505


Please note that all colours will contain a tiny (trace) amount of MIT/BIT/Thiozole, a preservative used in the tints which is known to affect some allergy sufferers. We strongly recommend first taking a tester pot to test for suitability. Tester pots in colours are supplied in the 321 Classic Emulsion finish but use the same tint and preservatives.

Covers up to 10 sq,m per litre.

Mineral fillers, water, titanium dioxide, Replebin, potassium silicate, silicates, cellulose, surfactants made of rapeseed-, castor oil, xanthane.

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