Auro 160 - Woodstain

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Auro 160 is a non-toxic natural wood stain for both interior and exterior use that provides deep penetration & long-term protection for all wooden surfaces. Formulated to enhance the natural beauty of wood whilst leaving the wood grain visible.

  • Well suited to facades, garden planters, bee hives, nest boxes etc.
  • Water Based, solvent-free, eco-friendly
  • Available in 19 trendy, cheerful colours and colourless*.

This product isn’t recommended for flooring or decking. More details follow below.

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All about Auro 160 - Woodstain

Auro 160 is a wood stain that contains only natural raw materials, has a semi-transparent finish, and was a nominated test winner by the German ‘Stiftung Warentest’ (Organisation for the Comparative Testing of Consumer Goods).

Its purpose is to provide the same finish as you would expect from any top-quality wood stain, but as a natural wood stain. Because of Auro’s unique natural approach to making wood stain (and other products such as their paints), Auro 160 wood stain is virtually odourless, quick-drying, solvent-free, and can even be used on children’s toys and cots (certified saliva- and perspiration-proof, DIN 53160; safe for toys, DIN EN 71, Part 3). It’s even vegan friendly.

There is a fantastic selection of mixable colours that provide a breathable protective layer on both wood and wood-based materials. Pre-treat wood types that are rich in active substances with Special Primer No. 117.

What is Auro 160 Wood Stain best used for?
Wood stains are easy to apply and give a distinctive appearance to wooden surfaces. The grain of the wood remains visible after the application of the wood stain.

The natural ingredients in the wood stain penetrate deeply into the wood, protecting it from weather and pests. It is best used on interior and exterior wood, well as wood-based materials, including the following applications:

- Doors
- Furniture
- Windows
- kitchen and bedroom furniture
- Garden furniture
- Wooden sheds
- Fences
- Beehives

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
We carry a full line of shed and fence paint; please see this page for a larger selection.

*The colourless wood stain is for interior use only.

Certifications (In German):

- Toy Safety Certification
- AgBB Certification (a German evaluation scheme for VOC emission from construction products)
- Blocking Stability
- Environmental Certificate South Korea

First prime with Hard Primer No. 127 or with diluted wood stain. Wood rich in active substances gets primed with AURO Special Primer No. 117. Then apply 1 or 2 coats of stain to interior surfaces, and 3 coats outdoors.

The wood stain is certified in line with EN 71, pt. 3, the so-called ‘toy norm’, and can therefore be used without worries on toys or surfaces in children’s rooms. On the exterior, it has excellent weather resistance.

Up to 13 sq.m per litre

Water, linseed oil*, colophony glycerol ester with organic acids*, mineral fillers, surfactants made of rapeseed-, castor oil, mineral pigments, drying agents (cobalt-free), castor oil*, sunflower oil*, silicic acid, titanium dioxide

*as amino soap, silicic acid, cellulose, xanthane 160-00: has no pigments.

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