Auro 148 - Swedish Red Exterior Wood Paint

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For the classic Swedish house look or an easy effective treatment for external timber: oxide red, solvent-free pigment colour wash for rough sawn wooden facades in residential and summer houses. Does not flake, is light-resistant and can be easily reworked: just brush off and repaint.

  • Breathable
  • For untreated, rough wood
  • Easy to use

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All about Auro 148 - Swedish Red Exterior Wood Paint

Gives big and small houses the typical Swedish house look: oxide red, solvent-free pigment colour wash for rough sawn wooden facades in residential and summer houses. You can even make the Swedish look perfect by painting window and door frames with contrasting white AURO gloss paint.

Auro’s high-quality range are the top organic, 100% natural paints on the market today. They offer a breathable, solvent-free alternative to conventional outdoor wood paints, with excellent durability—there is no compromise between its performance and its environmentally-friendly credentials.

This paint is based on traditional falun red paint, a permeable red paint commonly used in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The name ‘falun’ comes from ‘Falun’, a small city in Sweden known for mining iron and copper; waste products from the mining process were used to make the paint the city is named after (hence why the paint is red). Traditional falun paint contains water, rye flour, linseed oil and silicates as well as iron oxides and copper compounds.

Please note that as with all paints of this kind, the precise colour varies depending on the weather because of its permeability. On humid days, it appears darker than in summer weather.


Product is free of active substance (biocide).

Avoid direct sunlight or contact with moisture during application.

Temperature during application min. 10 ∞C, max. 30 ∞C, max. 85 % relative air humidity.

Wood dampness max. 12% for hard wood, 15 % for soft wood.

Stir well before use.

Mix together products from different batch numbers to even out any differences.

The base coat of the product will not adhere to wood knots and nail heads; apply another coat here.

Wood reach in substances (e.g. oak, Douglas fir) can cause discoloration and problems of adhesion.

The product is not abrasion-resistant, fades and gradually washes out.

For optimum, lasting protection, the surfaces must be checked and cared for regularly; repair damage immediately.

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For the first coat, the product is diluted with 20 % of water. After 24 hours at the earliest, an undiluted second coat follows. Reworking is easy: just brush off dirt and loose particles and repaint.


The colour intensity of the coating varies with the weather. This paint is perfect for wood that needs to breathe, as it doesn’t trap moisture.

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Water, mineral fillers, mineral pigments, linseed oil, wheaten flour, vitriolic iron.

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