Auro 126 - Classic Hard Oil (Clear)

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Clear hard oil for inside, based on natural solvent. Designed for the sole treatment of wood and cork surfaces exposed to normal wear and for priming absorptive surfaces prior to their treatment with oil or wax products. Provides a honey coloured finish.

  • Very hard-wearing
  • Ideal for cork surfaces
  • Easy to use

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All about Auro 126 - Classic Hard Oil (Clear)


Depending on the absorptivity of the wood, apply one to three coats and take off the surplus oil with a clean cloth within 10 minutes after each application.

At Greenshop Paints, we offer a wide range of Auro paint and take equal pride in our expansive selection of natural paint.

Technical Tips


The white pigmented version of the hard oil largely maintains the original wood colour tone.

On floors, a final treatment with AURO Hard Oil No. 126 Clear is beneficial.

Coverage per sq.m:
- 375ml covers 8sq.m
- 750ml covers 15sq.m
- 2.5L covers 50sq.m
- 10L covers 200sq.m

orange terpenes, linseed oil, tung oil, colophony glycerol ester with organic acids, titanium dioxide, sunflower oil, castor oil, fatty acids, drying agents (cobalt-free), lecithin, silica

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