Auro 123 - PurSolid Hard Oil (Solvent-Free)

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A popular choice for floors. Solvent-free and very hard wearing yet easy to install; also well suited to furniture and internal doors.

  • Solvent-free
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to use

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All about Auro 123 - PurSolid Hard Oil (Solvent-Free)

AURO PurSolid 123 Hard Oil is a transparent, solvent-free oil for interior wood and cork surfaces. Suitable for floors and other surfaces exposed to heavy wear. Two coats provide a hard-wearing, honey-coloured satin sheen finish. Ideal in commercial as well as domestic applications.

Not only do we carry a diverse range of Auro paint at Greenshop Paints, but we also take pride in our wide array of natural paint.

PurSolid products:

Contain no solvents or water

Extremely economical consumption rate


Apply with a roller, brush or spatula and distribute or remove excess oil within 20-30 minutes. For floors and other surfaces exposed to heavy wear: after 24 hours, a second oil application or a coat of AURO Hard wax no. 171 can follow.

Cleaning of tools:

Press product residues out of brushes or rollers immediately after use and wash with AURO 191 Thinner. Then rinse thoroughly with AURO 411 Plant Soap and water.


For light wear surfaces only one coat is needed!

The oil can be tinted with the AURO Colour concentrates no. 150.

It is much easier to treat big surfaces if a polishing machine is used.

For regular cleaning of floors use AURO 427 Floor Cleaner; for other surfaces use AURO 435 Paint & Stain Cleaner

For maintenance care of floors, ocassional treatment with AURO 437 Floor Care will keep surfaces in good condition

Averages 25 sq.m per ltr

tung oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, drying agents (cobalt-free), fatty acids

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