Auro 108 Worktop Oil Solvent Free

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Worktop oil for the regular maintenance of solid wood kitchen fronts and worktops. Protects surfaces from dirt and water, emphasizes the wood’s natural grain pattern and provides breathable surfaces for a healthy indoor climate.

  • Purely natural oils
  • Very hard-wearing
  • Easy to use

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All about Auro 108 Worktop Oil Solvent Free

AURO 108 is for the protection and care of kitchen worktops, cupboards and general wooden furniture. Solvent-free. Regular use of this product will keep your worktops well maintained and looking beautiful. Apply with a cloth – leaves a satin matt clear finish. A solid wood kitchen as a once-in-a-lifetime purchase is the dream of many a family. However, regular care is essential to ensure that the worktop and front panels remain beautiful after years of intensive use. This is when AURO Worktop Oil is required to protect the wood from grime and water, to highlight the specific grain and structure of the wood, maintain the breathing properties of the wood surfaces and contribute to the control of the room climate. Please be aware that linseed oil products will emphasise the beauty of the wood, but will also darken the tone slightly.Coverage 6-8sqm per 375ml

Contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Offering an expansive range of Auro paint is something we’re proud of at Greenshop Paints, just as we are of our abundant collection of natural paint.


Apply evenly and take off surplus oil within 30 minutes with a clean, lint-free cloth or pad. The application can be repeated after 24 hour should the surface still appear unsaturated.


Final hardness is achieved after four weeks. Until then, the surface should be treated carefully.

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Tung oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, drying agents (cobalt-free), fatty acids

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