Algon Organic Path, Patio & Decking Cleaner 2.5L

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Algon patio cleaner helps restore the natural colour of virtually any outdoor surface in an organic way. No scrubbing or rinsing is required. Simply apply and walk away.

Uses for Algon Organic Path and Patio Cleaner


– This versatile organic path and patio cleaner can be used on virtually any outdoor surface, including tarmac driveways, patio flags, decking, conservatories – glass or plastic, slate and felt roofs, and walls – painted or not.


– Wood & concrete fencing, stone walls, garden sheds, greenhouses, statues, plant pots, pebbles, garden furniture, canopies, & fabrics.

Water Features

– Ornamental water features, bird baths

*A small amount of Algon cleaner entering fish ponds will not harm pond life; however, care should be taken to keep run-off to a minimum when working around ponds.


Sporting Surfaces & Public Areas

– Astroturf or similar, artificial grass, all weather tennis courts, hard play areas, access ramps, car parks.


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All about Algon Organic Path, Patio & Decking Cleaner 2.5L

This concentrated organic cleaner can be used on: patios, decking, conservatories (glass or plastic), walls (painted, unpainted, stone, brick, etc.), slate and felt roofs, sheds, greenhouses, statues, plant pots, pebbles, astroturf, car parks, and hard play areas.

The Algon patio cleaner concentrate is safe for animals. This non-toxic path cleaner poses no threat to pets, wildlife, horses, or any other animals. If a small amount of this environmentally friendly cleaning product gets into a pond, it won’t hurt the fish or plants, but care should be taken to keep runoff to a minimum when working near ponds.

Application: Algon may be used at any time of year. Best results are achieved when Algon is applied to a dry surface when rain is not expected. If using the concentrated solution, simply dilute 1 part Algon to 3 parts water. Apply with either a garden sprayer on a droplet setting, a soft broom, or a paintbrush, wetting the surface evenly. A handy, purpose-made trigger sprayer is also available for the ready to use Algon bottles. A watering can may be used but can be wasteful. There is no need to rinse off later. Simply apply and walk away. Results will start to show within a few days as the applied surface begins to regain its natural colour. The results will last approximately 1 year, however, this does depend on the absorbency of the material being treated, its location, and the weather conditions.

Caution Although Algon is very safe to use, there are some surfaces on which we do not recommend its use. Marble, unfinished zinc, iron, and steel surfaces, and galvanised surfaces are examples of these. Algon may temporarily discolour lead.

Please spot-test any materials not listed as being safe for use with Algon cleaner, examples being coloured paving flags and fabric awnings.

Algon will leave a scorching effect on foliage and grass where it makes contact. This will not affect the rest of the plant, and roots will not suffer from incidental run-off during application.

2.5L covers approx 60 sq.m

Acetic acid, Glucopon

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