Greenshop Paints Colour of the Year

Greenshop Paints Colour of the Year 2023: Auro Wood Berry 15

Jan 13, 2023Richard Weager

Now that 2023 has officially arrived, we are excited to announce the new Greenshop Paints Colour of the Year: Auro Wood Berry 15.

As decorating trends veer away from bright pastels, a sophisticated palette of rich, earthy shades is taking the interior design world by storm. This soft, desaturated pink from Auro Paints is the perfect example, which is why we feel it deserves a place in the spotlight this year.

A gorgeous, sophisticated shade somewhere between lilac, plum and dusky rose, Wood Berry exudes feelings of warmth, comfort and calm. Its dreamy, muted hue is truly timeless, echoing old Hollywood glamour while adding stylish, camera-ready flair to any space. This irresistible colour fits in beautifully with both contemporary and traditional décor, and would suit practically any modern home.

Auro Wood Berry and Colour Psychology

Something as simple as the colour of a room can have a remarkable effect on our mood, and how we feel in a space. This year more than ever before, we’re celebrating self-care, compassion and quality time. Positive, nurturing shades such as Auro Wood Berry reflect this ethos beautifully.

This beautiful, nature-inspired colour has surprising depth, summoning feelings of tranquillity, tenderness and healing. Used in an intimate space, it creates an almost cocooning effect that’s noticeably grounding. However, its warm red notes also ooze power, confidence and strength, especially when emphasised by contrasting shades such as greens and creams.

Using Auro Wood Berry in the Home

What we love most about this colour is its versatility. Paired with muted shades such as sage, dove grey and slate blue, Wood Berry effortlessly evokes a cosy, soothing atmosphere. Combine this peaceful colour scheme with neutral accents, soft light fixtures and wood furnishings for an inviting, restful ambience in living rooms and bedrooms.

For a more dramatic effect, make a statement by dressing up Wood Berry with luxurious complementary touches such as warm white furnishings, metallic accents and black obsidian ornaments. Alternatively, turn your space into a tropical oasis with vibrant greens and aquas, sleek geometric lines and botanical-inspired designs such as gold palms.

To create a soft, feminine vibe, bring out Wood Berry’s romantic pink hues with creamy white fabrics, woven textures, rose gold and floral elements. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, experiment with colour blocking by pairing Wood Berry with darker paint colours such as navy and brown.

Where to Buy Auro Wood Berry 15

Auro Paints are makers of natural, sustainable and eco-friendly paints and finishes. They pride themselves on their 100% compostable, low-VOC formulas made from mineral- and plant-based ingredients. That’s why, here at Greenshop Paints, we’re honoured to be Auro’s chosen main UK stockist.

As part of the Colours for Life Designers Collection, Wood Berry 15 is one of 96 bespoke shades inspired by the beauty of nature. It’s available in Auro’s popular Premium Emulsion formula, which boasts a gorgeous matt finish with excellent durability. Wood Berry also comes in Satin and Gloss, ideal for sprucing up exterior and interior wood and metal surfaces.

To appreciate the beauty of our Colour of the Year for yourself, request your free swatches here, or order a sample pot to try out in your home. If you’d like to know more about Greenshop Paints or our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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